Sphero Challenge



Students were introduced to Sphero today. We used a challenge from the Sphero Lightning Lab to create a chariot for Sphero to pull. There was significant problem solving going on in the classroom makerspace as students constructed the chariots.


Classroom Makerspace


Students were enthusiastic about problem solving using inputs, splitters and output devices from the littleBits kits. Students quickly learned that a pink input circuit was the key to getting their invention to work. They experimented with many different types of input circuits; light sensors, pressure switches, keyboard, dimmer switches and microphones.

Without using instructions the class quickly created a variety of technology devices for their own  purposes.  One student made a flashlight that would automatically go on when the lights went out. Another student created speakers to hook up to their iPad to play music.

Next steps: Now that the class has some experience using the littleBits, I can design challenges that they can work through. One of my favourite circuit challenges is to create a burglar alarm for a bedroom to ensure all their high tech equipment is not touched by a sibling.