Reflection: The Road To Improvement


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‘Reflection is part of your work’.-George Couros

Growing up in a family of educators, reflection comes naturally to me. I recall many family gatherings where my parents, aunts, uncles and cousins would discuss and reflect on what worked and didn’t work in their classrooms. Knowing this bit of history, it isn’t surprising that I grew up to be a teacher or that I continually reflect on how my students are learning and what keeps each of them motivated and engaged in the classroom.

Reflection is the road by which an educator can improve his/her practice. A teacher that instructs from the same lesson plan year after year is parked in status quo. My vehicle is never in park. Instead, I long for the open highway, the freedom to create new lessons each year building upon the knowledge gained from my past experiences.

Blogging is the GPS on one’s reflective journey; it is a valuable tool that helps you navigate and creates a history of your path. In a blog you can record your instructional route, highlight key moments and save them for future reference.

I have made small steps into the social media reflection process with my Twitter account. Each day, I try to post an image and outline some key learning component that happened to document my lesson. Tweeting has been a natural process since the character limits prohibit me from adding a lengthy description. I can still review my posts and reflect on what was successful.

I see the value that George Couros describes in having a blog. However, I am constrained by my reluctance to write and fear of audience response. On any trip, there are obstacles to overcome such as traffic jams, roadblocks, and detours. This blog challenge will not be easy for me, but I look forward to punching in my destination and seeing if the GPS takes me on the long scenic route of reflection.




One thought on “Reflection: The Road To Improvement

  1. Warren Kirwan says:

    The audience responses that you fear may very well be the greatest asset to blogging in a public forum. I believe it’s the responses from your colleagues and respected peers that will help you along your journey to improve both personally and professionally.

    The saying “It takes a village to raise a child” has never more appropriate in today’s day and age, and since our ‘village’ reaches across our entire world do to the technological advances we are fortunate enough to enjoy, taking advantage of all the resources at our fingertips to improve ourselves, and our students, should almost be a given.

    I really enjoyed your blog and the analogies you used throughout. I have no doubt you will overcome your traffic jams, roadblocks, and detours – as I’m sure we all will.


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