Life-Long Learning

I love to learn new things especially when it comes to technology! However, I am sometimes frustrated by how hard it is to find out about Professional Development opportunities in Ontario. In fact, in one of my Facebook posts, I ranted about how hard it was to find conferences on technology if you haven’t been a CS teacher.

“How do teachers find out about these initiatives? I spent hours finding conferences on my own and thus went to MIT, Waterloo CS Educators and Western 21st Century Curriculum Symposium. From meeting Peter McAsh this week, I just found out about Bring IT, Together. I have felt very alone teaching HTML, Scratch and Coding Apps for the last 3 years in my  class/computer club. Now, I have a Twitter PLN and some great mentors. I wonder if other TVDSB teachers know about all these resources.”-Me

This prompted a response  on Doug Pete’s blog that listed multiple Educational Associations  teachers could follow on twitter. You can find Doug’s list here.

Finding professional development opportunities should not be like finding a needle in a haystack. It should be easy for teachers to find relevant and meaningful professional development opportunities. Webinars are my new

Recently, I stumbled across sites that offer Webinars. After participating in my first Webinar on Makerspaces they quickly became  my favourite method of PD. I can choose from a large selection of topics and tune into the session in the comfort of my own home. The sessions are supported by websites and videos which can be accessed during the presentation. There is a backchannel chat which is live during the session in which teachers share questions, tips, and ideas. After the session is over you can access the slides or video recording to review content or reference the websites later.

Here are a few sites that offer excellent webinars to further your professional development:

OTF Connects

ETFO Connected Communities

Simple K-12 

ASCD Webinars



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